An orthopedic implant to replace a failing hip or knee. A temperature-control pad to keep patients stable during surgery. Systems to minimize infection and promote healing. These are the types of applications in which UFP Technologies plays a critical role.

Infection Prevention Solutions

Infection Prevention

With our expertise in advanced materials for infection prevention, we help our customers create solutions to minimize hospital-acquired infections (HAI) and enhance patient safety.

Fluid & Air Management

For medical devices, making sure hermetic seals are leak free or that liquids are administered precisely and consistently is at the core of what we do. UFP Technologies excels at joining difficult to weld materials and creating highly functional composites to enhance physical properties.

Orthopedic Implant Packaging_2

Protective Packaging

Our solutions are made from advanced medical grade materials that are compatible with autoclave, gamma, and EtO sterilization methods. They offer sterile barrier protection and allows aseptic presentation in the operating room.

Patient Comfort Solutions

Patient Comfort

From beds to positioning devices to knee braces, UFP Technologies creates optimized solutions through our vast expertise with foams, films and fabrics as well as fabrication methods such as compression molding, lamination, and die cutting.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

UFP Technologies’ components and packaging for MIS play a key role in less pain, shorter hospital stays and fewer complications for patients.

Wound Care Solutions

Wound Care

We provide hydrophilic solutions for exudate absorption post-surgery and negative pressure wound therapy products to speed healing.

Medical Wearable Solutions Knee Brace


New materials and components are continuously being developed to support this rapidly growing industry. We’ve been on the forefront of designing and manufacturing low profile covers and enclosures for wearable medical devices.

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