Utilizing fabric composites, we create custom medical products and components such as neck braces, wrist casts and other positioning devices that offer functionality and comfort to patients.

UFP Technologies has extensive experience joining and encapsulating advanced fabrics, films, plastics, gels, and metals. This allows us to design unique solutions such as wearables, braces, and positioning devices. Our application specific solutions are custom engineered for each customer’s unique requirements which can result in improvements to structural integrity, load dispersion, rigidity, or patient comfort.

Laminating is most often used as a fabrication method when there is a need to create a composite material, which is the combination of multiple materials (such as foam-to-fabric and foam-to-foam). Our lamination capabilities coupled with our access to a myriad of foams, fabrics and other specialty materials provide our customers a go-to solutions provider who can solve their unique component and packaging challenges.

We use composites in solutions ranging from:

Medical Grade Foam and Fabric Composite Wrist Positioner Using Medical Grade Foam and Fabric Composite

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