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Compression Molded Medical Packaging and Components

Compression Molding

We are an industry pioneer in compression molding of foams to create three-dimensional parts. It is best utilized when contoured shapes are needed using a single material or multi-layer composites.

Applications: Protective packaging, patient comfort, orthopedic braces, padding for helmets

Thermoplastic Welding

For over a half a century, UFP Technologies has built its reputation as the go-to source for thermoplastic welding of medical devices. It is the preferred method over gluing or hot air due to the creation of very robust hermetic seals.

Applications: Sleep surfaces, temperature management, laparoscopic devices, wound care, packaging, and medical balloons.

Medical Die Cut Components

High-speed Die Cutting

High-Speed die cutting involves feeding a material into a press where it is cut into shapes of a predetermined size. Since sophisticated parts with a high level of quality control can be produced, this process is highly suited for medical components utilizing a range of foams and films.

Applications: Filters, wicking, packaging, wound care, surgical site prep, and infection prevention applicators.

Medical Vacuum Forming

Vacuum Forming

Vacuum Forming is a process in which a sheet of plastic is heated to an optimal temperature, stretched onto a mold, and forced against the mold by a vacuum. It is an ideal solution when large parts or complex shapes are needed.

Applications: Medical packaging trays, bedding components, and equipment enclosures.

Medical Tube Finishing

Tube Finishing

UFP Technologies employs various post-extrusion processes such as hole punching, cutting, machining, printing, and insert molding to create a finished component or product.

Applications: Disposable tubing for cell separation, complex fluid circuits, inflatable devices, and temperature management products.

Laminated Composite Material For Orthopedic Soft Good Solution


Lamination is most often used when there is a need to create a composite material, which is the combination of multiple materials such as foam-to-fabric, foam-to-film, or foam-to-foam. Our expertise at creating highly functional composites from hard to join materials ensures the optimal product for each application.

Applications: Orthopedic soft goods, packaging, protective cases, and patient comfort.

FlexShield TPU Medical Pouch Embossed With Company Logo


Various methods of printing can be deployed depending on the chosen material, information to be printed, and usage environment of the final product. Examples include pad, inkjet, and laser.

Applications: Instructions, branding/logos, and part identification.

Medical Device Packaging


Using foams, films, and rigid plastics, UFP Technologies has the right solution to package and label your valuable and sensitive medical products.

Applications: Orthopedic implants, MIS devices, disposables, and surgical kits

Cleanroom manufacturing medical solutions

Cleanroom Manufacturing

UFP Technologies has manufacturing plants that are ISO 13485 certified and FDA registered, and which house multiple ISO Class 8 and ISO Class 7 cleanrooms and controlled environments.

Complete Medical Device Assembly

Complete Medical Device Assembly

UFP Technologies offers complete medical device assembly in its many FDA certified facilities.


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