Thermoplastic Welding

For over a half a century, UFP Technologies has built its reputation as the go-to source for thermoplastic welding of medical devices. It is the preferred method over gluing or hot air due to the creation of very robust hermetic seals.

Applications: Sleep surfaces, temperature management, laparoscopic devices, wound care, packaging, and medical balloons.

UFP Technologies brings decades of expertise in the welding and bonding of engineered thermoplastic materials for the manufacture of medical devices, sub-assemblies, components, and packaging. This includes radio frequency, impulse, ultrasonic, and thermal welding.

Specifically, UFP Technologies has a particular expertise in radio frequency welding (also referred to as RF welding, dielectric sealing, high frequency welding, or heat sealing), a technology that uses electromagnetic energy to form a permanent bond that is as strong as the original thermoplastic materials.

The appeal of RF welding is in the completeness of the weld. Using
this method can create very robust hermetic seals. Many welds are subject to pull tests, leak tests, and optical tests to determine that the correct conditions have been achieved.

Thermoplastic Welded Medical Surgical Bed Thermoplastic Welded FlexShield TPU Medical Packaging Pouch

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