Wound Care

We provide hydrophilic solutions for exudate absorption post-surgery and negative pressure wound therapy products to speed healing.

Treating and protecting wounds after surgery or an injury is critical to a patient’s recovery process. Wound care solutions are designed to assist and speed up the body’s natural healing process. These solutions must adhere to strict standards to ensure patient safety throughout the recovery period. At UFP Technologies we have the ability to manufacture these solutions in cleanrooms and controlled environments to ensure sterility and low bioburden levels.

Our access to medical grade foams, fabrics and other specialty materials, along with our unique fabrication capabilities, allow us to create a variety of solutions to treat and protect patients’ wounds throughout the healing process. This includes disposable fluid management components for negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), topical dressings used post-surgery and implantable components to improve a patient’s healing.

With multiple FDA registered and ISO 13485 certified facilities throughout the country, UFP Technologies is equipped to engineer and fabricate custom wound care solutions tailored to meet your needs.


UFP Technologies has designed, developed, and manufactured packaging solutions for a variety of wound care solutions including:

Cleanroom Manufacturing Wound Care Components


UFP Technologies has access to a range of advanced medical grade materials. These materials are compatible with multiple sterilization methods and can be processed and laundered in cleanroom and controlled environments. The following materials are commonly used for creating wound care solutions:


UFP Technologies utilizes the following capabilities for wound care solutions:

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