Protective Packaging

Our solutions are made from advanced medical grade materials that are compatible with autoclave, gamma, and EtO sterilization methods. They offer sterile barrier protection and allows aseptic presentation in the operating room.

Protection. Abrasion Resistance. Sterile Barrier Integrity. These are important issues to ensure that your medical device, instrument, or orthopedic implant performs properly when the time comes. There can be no question as to whether your parts were damaged during shipment, came in contact with their packaging to cause particulate, or punctured the sterile barrier. Sterility and product integrity are paramount for the well-being of the patient.

At UFP Technologies we specialize in providing customized packaging made from FlexShield® thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films, and other medical-grade materials such as rigid mounting cards and foams that are compatible with steam, gamma, and EtO sterilization methods. We take into account your needs and will recommend the ideal materials that will perform with your device.

With decades of experience, access to an array of advanced medical grade materials, packaging design expertise and cleanroom manufacturing capabilities, we can design and develop a solution that meets your exact need. Whether you need visibility of the product within the packaging, embossed part numbers, or user-friendly product extraction from the sterile barrier system, UFP has the knowledge and expertise to make it happen.

Our packaging systems can also reduce tooling costs and inventory by giving you the flexibility to incorporate multiple medical products within a single package.


UFP Technologies has designed, developed, and manufactured packaging solutions for a variety of medical devices, instruments, and orthopedic implants including:

FlexShield TPU Medical Packaging Solutions


UFP Technologies has access to a range of advanced medical grade materials. These materials are compatible with multiple sterilization methods and can be processed and laundered in cleanroom and controlled environments. The following materials are commonly used for creating protective packaging solutions:

Medical Packaging Solutions Made From Foam, Film, and Plastic


UFP Technologies utilizes the following capabilities for protective packaging:

Cleanroom Manufacturing Protective Packaging

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