Minimally Invasive Surgery

UFP Technologies’ components and packaging for MIS play a key role in less pain, shorter hospital stays and fewer complications for patients.

At UFP Technologies we specialize in designing and manufacturing custom solutions to improve minimally invasive surgery systems for the top medical device manufacturers in the industry. Maintaining a sterile barrier between the surgical device and outside contaminates is of paramount importance. Thin plastic drapes are commonly used as a sterile barrier before, during, and after a surgical procedure. With the complexity of these devices, there can be a lot of moving parts that can easily puncture standard drapes – compromising the sterile barrier.

An industry proven method to solve this issue is to incorporate durable, disposable covers and protection components within your drapes.  This will strengthen any potential weak points.

As the leading innovator and supplier of custom molded sterile barrier components for surgical robotics, UFP Technologies has the expertise to develop a solution for your instrumentation.


UFP Technologies has designed, developed, and manufactured a variety of minimally invasive surgery solutions including:

Minimally Invasive Surgery Device


UFP Technologies has access to a range of advanced medical grade materials. These materials are compatible with multiple sterilization methods and can be processed and laundered in cleanroom and controlled environments. The following materials are commonly used for creating minimally invasive surgery solutions:

Inflatable Prostate Immobilizer Treatment Device


UFP Technologies utilizes the following capabilities for minimally invasive surgery solutions:

Cleanroom Manufacturing Protective Packaging

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